Since 2015, I have offered wedding photography services for couples throughout New England and beyond.





   Every great photographer aims to capture and share experiences in the images they create. For me, I truly believe that the shared experience of a wedding captures emotion like no other human venture. When crafted with care and precision, every exposure captured at a wedding can tell a story of love, wonder, joy, family, and friendship. With these images are moments and memories that are invaluable for lifetimes to come.


   Speaking to my experience, I have been a part of planning and coordinating weddings for many years as a DJ and band musician, (for more information, see my wedding DJ'ing page under Sounds!). However, since 2015, I have fused my passion for photography and my experience working with couples on weddings to provide professional wedding photography. In the years since, it has been inspiring and nothing short of thrilling to capture these life-changing moments!


   For every wedding I photograph, I put passion and spirit into the photography with extensive planning and coordination as well as technical skill and expertise in the capturing and editing of the photos I capture. My approach is to bring energy, happiness, and liveliness into my role as a photographer and to translate this spirit into my subjects; my clients can attest that I am genuine in my interactions and animated by the joy we share. I offer suggestions and ideas as we progress through the many elements of the days' events and share excitement as we capture different moments and create memorable compositions together.


   I do not approach wedding photography as a business opportunity; I approach every wedding with passion for my craft and genuine care for capturing every meaningful moment in your most special day. If you are interested in my services for wedding photography, I would be honored to discuss the details of your special day and to see if I am a good fit for what you envision.





   Every wedding is unique. I approach each marriage with a new set of eyes, a fresh energy, and a developed creative approach. Because so many aspects can play a part in capturing photography at  a wedding, I customize my packages and offerings for each event, so I do not have set pricing. I'm happy to discuss a budget for your event based off of its unique aspects, and I rarely ask for anything above a triple digit figure.


   My standard wedding photography service contract includes a detailed preparation process, full coverage of your day without specified time limits, advanced professional editing techniques, submitted packages with hundreds of proofs to choose from, and printed versions of favorite photos including poster sizes and metal-mounted options.


   Beyond these basic services, I can customize what I provide to also include:

  • Wedding filming services in addition to or in place of traditional photography  (see more on my Video Production page).
  • Special video messages edited together with interviews of friends and family during your reception.
  • Advanced photo activation/photo booth services in tandem with my partners at Uptown Pro Media.
  • Live Stream your Reception; share your entire Reception from two rotating camera angles via Youtube, UStream, or Facebook Live for friends and family who couldn't make it!


   I'd love to talk more about how I approach weddings and how I capture the moments of the big day; contact me on my About Me page for more information!

Capturing the most important moments of love, happiness, and life.

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