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Activ8 Your Event -- You Make the Party, and We'll Make It Last Forever!

Activ8 is a event media company specializing in activating the fun in any event through state-of-the-art photo booth activation setups. We also offer event coverage and interactive activities through photography, video, livestreaming, virtual reality, and more!

   Activ8 is my latest offering of professional event media services! Activ8 offers expertise, experience, and a wealth of media capabilities to make the most out of any wedding, corporate function, private party, or celebratory event.


   Our offerings include...




   Now offering a series of state-of-the-art photo booth activation setups that are customizable for any event or any physical space. The photo booth, known as a photo "activation" device, offers a wealth of features, including...


  • The Booth -- A sleek, futuristic, and state-of-the-art product design.
  • User-Controlled Interface -- A fully controllable touchscreen interface allowing users to customize their layout and edit their photos directly.
  • Adjustable Layout and Size -- The "booth" is a modular setup that can fit into venues and areas both large and small, indoors or outdoors, dark or bright! The booth also offers capabilities to include backdrops or green screen compositing.
  • Printing -- Customizable print sizes, layouts, and designs with unlimited instant printing and digital sharing capabilities to give users an experience to remember.
  • Digital Photo Files -- Digital copies of all photos with options to share the set either publicly or privately.
  • Social Media -- Ability to email, text and share photos to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more) directly from the booth interface.
  • More Than Just Photos -- Setups can be customized to offer enhanced features such as video recording, animations, and personalized messages.
  • Props and Accessories -- Options to include props, signs, and accessories to decorate the experience for any mood or approach.
  • Presentations -- Options to feature presentations of the printed photos or video feeds "live from the booth" that can be presented on large-screen TVs or projections at large events, creating shared entertainment from the experience!





   Through our offerings, the ways we can capture or share media at your event are truly limitless. Some of our common offerings include...


  • Event Photography -- Coverage of events large and small to capture stills and exciting moments, making use of experience and an artistic eye to capture the spirit of any event and its attendees.
  • Event Video -- Coverage of events large and small to create high-quality video content, making use of advanced cinematography techniques and precision in the editing and post-production process.
  • Livestreams -- Stream your event to YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, or any other platform from up to 6 camera angles, making use of professional broadcasting capabilities and live audio capturing devices.
  • Virtual Reality Capturing-- Capture your event in 360 degrees for immerse experiences to highlight the feeling of being at your event.
  • Virtual Reality Activities -- Provide your guests with a mind-bending experience through a variety of Virtual Reality games, activities, and demonstrations including 3D painting, world explorations, competitive video games, and more!





   Our values come from our extensive experience in coordinating events. We pride ourselves on offering consistency in our energy and professionalism in our process.


  • Staff -- At least one friendly, highly trained Activ8 operator present for the entirety of the event.
  • Insurance -- Our business is fully insured for your peace of mind.
  • Logistics -- Delivery, setup, and breakdown¬†included.
  • Rental period -- Full coverage for events long and short with no hidden fees.
  • Photo File Delivery and Storage -- Online archives are delivered for free with permanent cloud storage options.
  • Event Consultation -- Pre-event consultation to ensure all needs are met before the event.
  • Backup -- Backups of all hardware such as cameras, printers, and lights for reliable coverage.



   Because we offer such a great wealth of options and opportunities, we treat each event as a unique experience and customize our packages to balance your needs and your budget. Please reach out using the form below if you'd like to inquire about any of our services!


   But don't forget-- our services and abilities go well beyond the offerings shared above, so if you have a question or an idea for something special at your event, please reach out! We would love to accommodate your ideas and "activate" your event!



To help you plan or consider our services, see the below cost estimates based on average events.




Average range $600 to $1000 in New England

(with cost variations due to event format, timing, travel costs, availability, and other factors)




Average range $500 to $1200 in New England

(with cost variations due to media needs, event format, timing, travel costs, availability, and other factors).

Looking to ACTIV8 your event?!



 If so, contact us at or using the social media links on the page footer. We welcome all inquiries including questions, event ideas, and more!

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