Matthew BinginOt Creations

A camera is a tool that can unleash boundless amounts of creativity, personality, and imagination from its user. Through my lens, I have sought to capture emotion, ideas, energy, visions, and motions, and between the frames are stories that I seek to tell.


Although I've filled several roles on professional film crew sets, most of the work shared here showcases my work as a DIY filmmaker. For most of my original films, I write my own music score and shoot all of my own photography. Professionally, I specialize in music video production, travel films, short films, commercial advertising, and documentaries.


I'm so excited to share my journey as a filmmaker with you. Thank you for sharing in these "motions" with me, and check back for new films soon!

Experience what I imagine.

Matthew BinginOt Creations


My skills, certifications, and focuses in filmmaking:


• Adobe Certified Expert in Premiere Pro CC Software

• Adobe Certified Educator in Premiere Pro / After Effects Software

• Certified in RED Camera Operation through REDucation Program

• Cinematographer- Director of Photography / Camera Department Crew Member

• Aerial Drone Photographer with DJI Mavic 2 Pro

• Film Editor and Post-Production Specialist

• Motion Graphics Designer and Programmer using After Effects / Cinema4D

• On-Set Photographer / Stills Specialist

• Steadicam Operator / DJI Ronin Operator

• Post-Production Color Correctionist / DaVinci Resolve Software Educator