Matthew BinginOt Creations

A camera is a tool that can unleash boundless amounts of creativity, personality, and imagination from its user. Through my lens, I have always sought to tell stories that capture energy, ideas, and emotions.


I have worked on professional film crews in a variety of roles in both production and post-production departments. Most of the work shared here showcases my work as a "DIY" filmmaker. For many of my original films, I write my own music score and shoot all of my own photography. Professionally, I specialize in music video production, livestreaming and event coverage, travel films, short films, commercial advertising.


I'm so excited to share my journey as a filmmaker with you. Thank you for sharing in these "motions" with me, and check back for new films soon!

Experience what I imagine.

Matthew BinginOt Creations


My skills, certifications, and focuses in filmmaking:


• Certified in RED Camera Operation through REDucation Program

• FAA Certified Aerial Drone Operator

• Adobe Certified Professional in Video Communication (Premiere and After Effects Software)

• Adobe Certified Educator in Premiere Pro / After Effects Software

• Motion Graphics Designer and Programmer using After Effects / Cinema4D

• Post-Production Color Correctionist / DaVinci Resolve Software Educator

• Professional Livestream / Multicam Video Event Coordinator Capabilities

• Steadicam / Stabilizer Operator

• Soundtrack / Music Composer / Foley Artist

• Social Media Video Content Producer

• On-Set Photographer / Stills Specialist


Click here to download my latest media work resume.

Please reach out if you would like to consult with me about any type of creative video project or collaboration!


You can message me using the form on my contact page or e-mail me at to get in touch!