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   Since 2011, I have offered Wedding DJ services for couples throughout New England and beyond.





   As a DJ, I always strive to play my music in a way that is meaningful. Whether I'm in a club, auditorium, basement, or concert hall, I create music out of passion and connection to my audience. No matter what the setting, I want nothing more than to gave my listeners a reason to dance and to curate the perfect atmosphere of celebration for any audience.


   I have come to find that one of the most special settings to share music is at a wedding. As a musician, I have always believed that music embodies and carries emotion; and when shared at a special occasion like a wedding, music becomes be the carrier of love, joy, and celebration that brings families and friends together and makes a moment special. Because of this, I consider it an honor every time I get to share music with at weddings and believe it is my job to curate one of the greatest days of my clients' lives.


   I'm often disappointed by how many professional wedding DJ's do nothing more than press play on the same generic songs and spend half the reception sitting down or saying awkward things on their microphones. In my own work, I strive to replace musical lifelessness with passion and energy for my craft.


   Taking influence from my years as a club DJ, I put a great deal of spirit and excitement into the music I play and constantly read my crowd to find the perfect mix of songs. I bring many elements of live music performance into my wedding DJ'ing process and pride myself on real DJ'ing for all of my events; I mix songs together seamlessly and create a cohesive music experience throughout the night. I work with couples in advance through meetings and detailed communication so that we can extensively plan and coordinate the event to fit their needs and most important values. Most of all, I seek to create a genuine experience by putting my focus on the quality of the music and shying away from quirky wedding tropes, conventional traditions, or mixes that lack meaning or emotion.


   As a professional DJ and musician, I have an arsenal of advanced music equipment hardware that go beyond standard setups with top-of-the-line speakers, lighting, and performance elements. I customize the sound, lighting, and setup for each event event to fit the atmosphere and maximize the physical space available for your event. My standard equipment includes:


  • Pioneer CDJ 2000nexus controllers for dependable music coverage.
  • Pioneer DJM 2000nexus mixer, allowing multiple inputs and microphones.
  • A unique visual experience for music performance using an Emulator Touch Screen controller to see the music mixing as it is performed live.
  • 4x Yamaha 15" powered speakers for strong presence and balanced sound.
  • 2x Yamaha 18" powered subwoofers for powerful low end presence.
  • 4x LED RGB wash light bars for coloring and lighting the dancefloor.
  • 8x LED RGB light sticks that create a unique lighting visual with vertical sticks reacting to sound levels and tempos.
  • Uplighting for up to 16 points throughout the room to colors of your choice.
  • 4x microphones to amplify sound for your ceremony and receptions speeches, including wireless lavalier clip microphones for a sleek hands-off approach.


   I do not approach wedding DJ'ing as a business opportunity; I approach every wedding with passion for my craft and genuine care for creating a celebration worthy of your most special day. If you are interested in my services for wedding DJ'ing, I would be honored to discuss the details of your wedding and to discuss if I am a good fit for the event you envision.





   As a Wedding DJ, I also love to go above and beyond providing reception music and also offer many additional services that can make any event even more special, and I'm always developing new ideas to make my reception parties unique. Some of the extra elements I've provided in the past include:

  • Photo Activation Booths that use state-of-the art hardware and software to allow guests to fully control their experience with custom photo, video, and animation options. Your wedding attendees can review, edit, print instantaneously on high quality gloss paper, and share out their photos using this setup. More information and examples coming soon, or message me for more information!
  • Projection systems with live visual mixing of video clips or photographs featuring the Wedding couple!
  • Custom remixes for first dance or wedding party entrances.
  • Live piano performance for wedding ceremonies.
  • Live Stream your Reception; share your entire Reception from multiple  camera angles via YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook Live for friends and family who couldn't make it!
  • And occasionally in unison, Wedding Photography or Wedding Filmmaking; I've enjoyed pulling "double duty" in the past by doing both wedding DJ'ing and photography or filmmaking for smaller-sized events. I'm thrilled to work with couples who are interested in hiring me to help on both fronts for their big day!





   Every wedding is unique. I approach each marriage with a new set of ears, a fresh energy, and a developed creative approach. Because so many aspects can play a part in creating the perfect environment at a reception, I customize my packages and offerings for each event, so I do not have set pricing. I'm happy to discuss a budget for your event based off of its unique aspects, and I rarely ask for anything above a triple digit figure.


   Please let me know some more information about your wedding such as the date, location, the musical needs of the ceremony and reception, the length of the event, the inclusion of additional services, and the general styles of music to help develop a quote for my pricing.



   Contact me on my About Me page and I'll get right back to you right away with details and to answer questions about my Wedding DJ'ing services. Thank you!

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