Hey, I'm Matthew! I ski, I sing in the shower, and I create things.


  If you've already ventured out around this website, you'll probably see that I have a lot of trouble making up my mind when it comes to what I do. I love music, so I strive to be a better musician... but I also love visual art, so I want to develop my skills as a designer... but other times I just want to take photographs, and some days I get the crazy urge to go make films... and even though I can't make up my mind, every day I am filled with new inspirations, ideas, and creative energy that I devote myself to fulfilling. I'm learning more about my crafts of creativity every day, and this website will document some of my creations each step of the journey.


  When I'm not producing my own media art, I'm teaching a program called Digital Media Arts program at the Central Vermont Career Center. It is one of the most rewarding jobs I could ever ask for; each day, I get to inspire young artists to be creative and show them new ways to practice their passions. If you care to learn more about the program I teach, click the CVCC Logo link down below!

  Most of all, thank you for being here on this website and for taking an interest in my work as a professional artist.


  If you would like to hire me for a media job, consult me about any realm of professional digital media, or work together in some other way, please e-mail me at matt@matthewbinginot.com or message me through the form below. I look forward to talking to you!


  All the best, thanks for visiting, and never stop creating.

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