My love for design has been with me all of my life. We are all victim to powerful design; at the mere sight of a good design, our minds become a torrent of feelings, opinions, and desires. Design is not only a functional process, it is an emotional tool that can communicate stronger than any word in any language.


Although I'm not a full-time graphic designer, I take client work on a job-by-job basis for custom non-template web design, professional branding, logo design, package design, and graphic art. Most of my design of late caters to the local music scene, and the majority of my work consists of creating custom posters, album art, logos, and promotional materials.


Below are just a few examples of my design work; please inquire about other facets of my professional design skills.

Discern what I have designed.


These are some examples of event posters I've designed for events I've been a part of or been hired to design for. Most of my experience comes from designing promotional materials for music events at venues in Burlington Vermont and beyond. All of these designs have been designed from scratch with no templates or borrowed design assets, with the exception of some typography and image content.



These are some examples of websites I've designed for clients. Although I primarily use Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Muse to drive my web design process, I'm also familiar with Wordpress Web Design and HTML coding. All of these websites were designed without templates and are composed of original design assets, unless otherwise noted.




Central Vermont Career Center



A website designed for the Central Vermont Career Center, also known as CVCC, a career/tech high school based in Barre, Vermont with 13 programs of professional training.



SkillsUSA Vermont Chapter



A website designed for the Vermont chapter of the national SkillsUSA organization, a nation-wide competition that tests career/tech education students for professional excellence in their trade.


Vermont Career & Technical

Education (VT CTE)



A website designed to accompany a state-wide marketing campaign I led to introduce the latest trends in Career and Technical Education in all areas of Vermont, with accompanying video advertisements.






A website designed for Vermont-based EBM/industrial band Nechromancer including media links and webstore.



Digital Media Arts



A website designed for the Digital Media training program I teach, housing student work and linking to class content and student portfolios.


These are some examples of professional design work I've done for clients and media partners, starting with original logo design and often including graphic design for print and web publications and social media.


More coming soon!