As a DJ, I always strive to play my music in a way that is meaningful. Whether I'm in a club, auditorium, basement, or concert hall, I've always attempted to play music that connected to my audience, that gave them a reason to dance, and created the perfect atmosphere of celebration.


   It took me a few years to realize that one of the most special settings to share music is at a wedding. As a musician, I came to see for myself how good music brought out the joy, love, and feelings of celebration through such a special occasion... and that is why I consider it an honor every time I get to share music with families, friends, and people who are coming together for one of the greatest days of their lives.


   I'm disappointed how many Wedding DJ's do nothing more than press play on the same generic songs and spend half the reception saying awkward things on their microphones... maybe because of this, I'm anything but traditional in my approach to wedding DJ'ing. Taking influence from my years as a club DJ, I put a great deal of passion and energy into the music and constantly read my crowd to find the perfect mix of songs. I pride myself on real DJ'ing for all of my events; I mix songs together seamlessly and create a cohesive music experience throughout the night. I work with couples in advance so that we can extensively plan every element they value in their receptions. I try and create a genuine experience by putting my focus on the quality of the music and shying away from quirky wedding games, conventional traditions, or over-played songs.


   As a Wedding DJ, I try to go above and beyond just music and can offer many additional services that can make the night even more special, and I'm always developing new ideas to make my reception parties unique. Some of the extra elements I've provided in the past include:

  • 3D Projection systems with live visual mixing of video clips or photographs featuring the Wedding couple! (I love doing these, so much fun!)
  • A unique visual experience for reception attendees by mixing songs using an Emulator Touch Screen board (I use this at almost all events anyways!).
  • Custom mixes for first dance or wedding party entrances.
  • Live piano performance for wedding ceremonies.
  • Filming of the reception to capture the energy of the dancing, music, toasts, and more on video (see more on my Video Production page).
  • Live Stream your Reception; share your entire Reception from two rotating camera angles via Youtube, UStream, or Facebook Live for friends and family who couldn't make it!
  • And occasionally in unison, Wedding Photography; I've enjoyed pulling double duty in the past by doing both Wedding DJ'ing and Photography for smaller-sized wedding events. I'm thrilled to work with couples who are interested in hiring me to help on both fronts for their big day!


   I do not approach Wedding DJ'ing as a business; I approach it as a friend. If you are interested in my services for wedding reception DJ'ing or music performance, I would be honored to discuss the details of your special day and to see if I am a good fit for what you envision.


   Every wedding is unique. I approach each marriage with a new set of ears, a fresh energy, and a developed creative approach. Because so many aspects can play a part in creating the perfect environment at a reception, I customize my packages and offerings for each event, so I do not have set pricing. I'm happy to discuss a budget for your event based off of its unique aspects, and I rarely ask for anything above a triple digit figure.


   Contact me on my About Me page, and thank you for inquiring!

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